20 Park Bo Gum Facts Including His Bankruptcy, Military Service & Netflix Drama Record Of Youth


Park Bo Gum Facts và News

Park Bo Gum continues lớn win over fans with his baby face & well-built physique. Whether you’re already a Park Bo Gum lover or are just getting lớn know him, here are 20 facts about the actor that will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions.

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1. Was almost aborted

Park Bo Gum was born in Seoul, South Korea, on 16 June 1993.

As the youngest of 3 siblings, his mother was pregnant with him at a late age. She was suffering from an illness & consumed prescription drugs, not knowing she was pregnant at the time. After his parents learnt about the pregnancy, they considered aborting him as they were worried about giving birth lớn a deformed child. 

Fortunately, his parents decided khổng lồ proceed with the pregnancy, but the challenges did not stop there. At birth, he had a high fever và was gravely ill for several days. However, he eventually recovered và was named ‘Bo Gum’, meaning ‘precious sword’.

2. His mother passed away when he was young


Though his clean-cut features & smooth skin may suggest otherwise, the reality is, his life hasn’t been a bed of roses. Park Bo Gum’s mum passed away when he was in fourth grade.


His line in Reply 1988 hits a little different now.

3. Wanted to be a singer-songwriter

Park Bo Gum singing 2AM’s This SongSource

Park Bo Gum’s dream was khổng lồ be a singer-songwriter, so he sent a đoạn phim of himself singing while playing the piano to several entertainment companies. He later accepted an offer from SidusHQ, one of the leading talent management agencies in South Korea. The company suggested he change course khổng lồ become an actor instead, which he accepted.


The full-time actor occasionally teases his fans with his musical side on shows such as Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook và Hyori’s Bed và Breakfast: Season 2.

4. Got his big break with Hello Monster

Park Bo Gum in Hello quái dị (2015)Source

The actor had his first taste of fame with the drama Hello boss (2015), in which he acted as a psychopath. He received rave review for his acting after the show aired. He then went on to win Best Supporting Actor và the Popularity Award (Actor) at the year-end KBS Drama Awards, at the age of 22.

5. Solidified his star status with Reply 1988 and Love in the Moonlight

Promotional poster for Reply 1988Source

Park Bo Gum starred in Reply 1988 (2016) as a prodigy who is unbelievably ditzy in real life. Reply 1988 is the third K-drama in the Reply series. As with all the other heartwarming Reply dramas, Reply 1988 was also a huge hit, reaching a rating of 19.6%.

Promotional poster for Youth Over Flowers: Africa (2016)Source

Due to lớn the success of Reply 1988, the Korean celebrity and his male co-stars went on to star in the Korean reality show Youth Over Flowers, in which the group travelled to Africa together.

Promotional poster for Love In The MoonlightSource

Love in the Moonlight (2016) was another drama that solidified the actor’s status as a leading Korean celebrity. Ratings for the drama peaked at 25.3% & made Park Bo Gum a household name.

6. Learnt khổng lồ play Go for Reply 1988

Park Bo Gum learning Go on the set of Reply 1988Source

For his role as Choi Taek, a genius Go player in Reply 1988, the actor didn’t just move the black và white Go pieces around mindlessly. Instead, he took it upon himself to lớn learn the strategy board game and etiquette khổng lồ portray his character perfectly.

7. Is known for his good manners

Park Bo Gum offering food lớn the camera crewSource

It seems like Park Bo Gum is a nice guy through and through. Taking care of the people around him appears khổng lồ be second nature, whether it’s a co-star or staff member.


Among many compliments from his colleagues, actress Ra mày Ran, who worked with him in Reply 1988, praised & roasted him at the same time when she said “Bo Gum doesn’t have any flaws…That’s what makes him so boring.”

8. Was a musical major

The actor is a musical theatre graduate from Myongji University. He was the music director for his graduating production, Hairspray.

9. Knows how khổng lồ let himself go

The actor nhảy đầm for the trailer of Love in the MoonlightSource

Park Bo Gum may seem calm and serious, but he knows how lớn have fun. His “Bombastic” dance for the trailer of Love in the Moonlight made headlines when it first came out. Since then, he’s been asked khổng lồ showcase his khiêu vũ on several variety shows.

10. Is a big fan of Lee Hyo Ri

The actor holding a magazine with Lee Hyo Ri on the coverSource

Park Bo Gum is a big fan of the first generation K-pop idol, Lee Hyo Ri.

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The star in Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast: Season 2Source

Thanks lớn his love for Lee Hyo Ri, we get lớn see his domesticated side on Hyori’s Bed và Breakfast: Season 2. He appears for a few episodes to cook and clean for the guests of the B&B.

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11. Is a big eater


Among his fans, he’s known endearingly as “Bap Bo Gum” (“bap” meaning rice), due lớn his good appetite.

12. Continued khổng lồ take public transport after becoming an actor

Park Bo Gum riding solo and with a friend (below, right) on the trainSource

As with all Korean celebs, upon joining his talent management company, Park Bo Gum was provided with his own car to travel around in. Nonetheless, he continued to lớn be spotted on public transport several times. 

After his popularity skyrocketed in 2016, the actor commented, “Now I don’t think I can ride the subway anymore either.”

13. Overcame bankruptcy

The actor filed for bankruptcy in 2014—but it was not his own doing. In 2008, Park Bo Gum was made khổng lồ sign on as a co-guarantor when his father took a loan of 30 million won (~S$34,453) to start a business. As his father was unable lớn repay the debt, the loan accumulated interest over the years, becoming close to 800 million won (~S$918,832). 

The court ordered creditors to lớn write off most of the debt, and Park Bo Gum was able khổng lồ pay off the 30 million won in full within 6 months.

14. Friends with other popular celebrities

The actor with song Joong Ki (left) và V from BTS (right)Source, source

Park Bo Gum is friends with many celebrities in the entertainment industry. Some of his closest buds are tuy nhiên Joong Ki, Jo In Sung, phụ vương Tae Hyun & V from BTS.

15. Was a Music ngân hàng MC for a year


Park Bo Gum was the host for Music ngân hàng for a year from 2015 to 2016. He was subsequently invited back to host again for Music bank World Tours in Singapore, Indonesia, Chile, Berlin và Hong Kong.

His appearance as a host for Music ngân hàng signified his rising popularity in the Korean entertainment industry. Other rising stars who preceded him early in their careers include tuy vậy Joong Ki, tuy vậy Hye Kyo and Park Seo Joon.

16. Endorses many brands

The actor with BTS for Coca ColaSource

Park Bo Gum might just have the Midas touch. The phrase “Park Bo Gum Effect” was coined lớn highlight his power nguồn as an endorser. Thanks khổng lồ his many endorsements, he even nabbed the topped spot on Forbes Korea’s đứng đầu 40 nguồn Celebrities danh sách in 2017.

Most recently, the actor joined K-pop group BTS lớn advertise for Coca-Cola.

17. Is preparing to serve in the military

Park Bo Gum’s upcoming military service has left many fans devastated over the fact that he will not be on- screen for some time. The actor has applied to lớn join the navy military band, và is expected to lớn enlist on 31 August 2020.

Before his enlistment và temporary hiatus from the entertainment industry, the hunk has prepared a tuy vậy dedicated khổng lồ his fans, with the help of singer-songwriter Sam Kim. He will be releasing it on 10 August 2020.

18. Has a drama about models on Netflix

The actor’s latest K-drama series, Record of Youth, is now available on Netflix. According to lớn the streaming service, in the new drama, “Two actors and a makeup artist fight to make their own way in a world that weighs the backgrounds they were born into more than their dreams.” Park Bo Gum stars as Sa Hye Joon, a model-turned-actor who struggles to find his footing in the acting industry.

Also starring in Record of Youth is Park So Dam, aka Jessica in Parasite.

19. Has a new movie with Gong Yoo 

Gong Yoo (left) and Park Bo Gum (right) at the film’s wrap-up partySource

You can be sure the duo will sweep you off your feet as they grace the big screen in 2020 with Seo Bok. Park Bo Gum plays Seo Bok, the first-ever human clone. Gong Yoo will play the role of Ki Hun, a former intelligence agent.

Fun fact: Both of them have worked with Kim Go Eun, from the recently concluded The King: Eternal Monarch. Gong Yoo worked with the actress on Goblin while Park Bo Gum acted with her in Coin Locker Girl.

20. May star in Wonderland

Potential cast of WonderlandSource

The actor is in talks lớn star in another film, Wonderland, alongside a star-studded cast that is said to include Gong Yoo, Choi Woo Shik, Suzy, Jung Yu Mi và Chinese actress Tang Wei.

Park Bo Gum Makes Us Fall Head Over Heels For Him

The Hallyu star charms us all with his handsome face và big heart. Even if you’re disappointed about his upcoming military service, you can stay optimistic with new, back-to-back Park Bo Gum shows releasing soon.

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