Sau 40 năm, smokey and the bandit được tôn vinh bằng một loạt xe phong cách bandit

I cannot envision the world where a movie like Smokey and The Bandit—an action-comedy about a famed local driver & his trucker friend tasked with retrieving 400 cases of outlawed Coors beer in 28 hours while being chased by a Texas sheriff for picking up a runaway bride—can be the second highest-grossing film of the year its release, second only to the Star Wars. Yet that is what happened in 1977, because Smokey & The Bandit is goddamn magical.

(Welcome back to phukiennail.net Movie Club, where we take a look at cars in movies và movies about cars, và you write in with all of your hot takes. This week, we’re reviewing Smokey và The Bandit, a movie about beer & Pontiac.)

My expectation for this movie was so low I am actually in disbelief at how much I ended up enjoying it. Very few other movies have done what Smokey và The Bandit accomplishes with its carefree attitude, great dialogue, memorable characters & an instant classic of a song. This is a very difficult movie not khổng lồ enjoy.

Bạn đang đọc: Sau 40 năm, smokey and the bandit được tôn vinh bằng một loạt xe phong cách bandit

I was expecting something dated, boring, completely overrated. Something I wouldn’t be able khổng lồ relate to.

I completely underestimated this movie. Who can’t relate to the desire lớn floor a Trans Am in pursuit of beer và riches?


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I admittedly had to look up what serves as the foundation of this story, which is that Coors beer was not legally sold East of the Mississippi River until the mid-’80s because of how it was canned. This made people want it. According to the movie, it was desirable enough to dish out $80,000 for a good amount.

Unlike last week’s movie, Logan Lucky, which fails to feature even a hint of a car chase, Smokey và The Bandit has car chasing in spades. It is essentially a non-stop hour-and-a-half long Pontiac ad, và I mean that in the best, most complimentary way possible. It’s definitely one of the best entries from the time where a lot of movies about hoards of dumb cops not knowing how lớn drive và crash into each other in exciting và absurd ways.


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The characters in this movie are the best, whether you’re laughing with them or at them. Burt Reynolds is often a punchline these days, but this is the movie where you really understand how he could be a charismatic leading man. If I was taller, I’m not saying I would dress like him, but I’m not saying I wouldn’t seriously consider it.

I am almost shocked that Sally Field’s “Frog” runaway bride character was not the typical “annoying girl” you typically find in these generically masculine movies. She isn’t just a distraction for the movie. She’s dressed reasonably, gives the Bandit shit despite falling in love with him, and avoids being a target for punchlines. Plus, she gets plenty of wheel time.

Finally, Sheriff Buford T. Justice, and his son that may or may not be of his own loins, deliver the best laughs of the entire movie.

This is a great movie lớn have on in the background of your weekend, but it deserves to be watched thoroughly. It’s borderline mindless kích hoạt with some good lines to lớn catch you off guard when you vị pay attention. It’s somehow corny without slipping into cringeworthy, and it’s great. It’s exactly what you would expect from stuntman Hal Needham’s directorial debut.


The Bandit’s 1977 Pontiac Trans Am is one of the most iconic muscle cars in movie history, with its paint scheme matching the lovely mural adorning the Bandit’s 18-wheeler. It’s hilarious how the movie cuts away from the stunts, lượt thích when the Trans Am lands the bridge jump & is clearly destroyed, only to cut khổng lồ Bandit và Frog completely unfazed by the seemingly violent landing they just experienced, or how the oto seems in perfect shape considering all of the walls & fences Bandit ends up driving through.

The car looks great, sounds great, & the movie treats it with respect, avoiding any sort of speed ramping to lớn make it seem faster. It sounds genuine, from engine cảnh báo to tire squeal, and the xuất hiện T-tops help to mở cửa up the car for the camera to better capture the characters. It’s clear there was a stuntman behind the camera, & that he knew what he was doing.


How Seth Rogen hasn’t remade this movie with him running illegal Colorado weed East yet is almost unbelievable. I’m not saying that should happen, just that it seems an obvious grab. Maybe it’s because he will never compete with the charm of Burt Reynolds, or how much more drug trafficking is frowned upon these days compared lớn the freewheeling ‘70s.

Anyway, I’m off lớn cut T-tops into my car và buy a CB radio, & I fully intend to lớn only ever refer to lớn cops as “smokey” for the rest of my life. All while playing this:

That’s all from me, now let’s hear from those of you that emailed with your thoughts, opinions and hot takes about Smokey and The Bandit:


I love this movie!

I was 7 when Smokey & the Bandit came out. When i was 10 a neighbor got a very early VCR & his dad had 2 video clip tapes, Smokey & The Godfather pt2. A few times a year on a rainy days we would sneak into his basement and watch Smokey và the Bandit. At 10 years old most of the humor & love story was lost on me but it was 1980 and my life was all about car chases (we had CHiPs và Dukes of Hazzard and a ton of other shows with oto stunts every week on TV). & this movie was essentially a 2 hour car chase with a bad ass car, that 77 Trans Am. I can remember finding the Revel mã sản phẩm at KMart & painstakingly putting it together only to lớn put the firebird on the hood askew at the very end, then tearing it as i tried lớn fix it.

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By the mid 80's we got cable and HBO and Smokey and the Bandit was always on. I was a teenager now. My hormones were raging and Sally Field was hot (not Heather Locklear flashy hot, but girl next store conceivably obtainable hot). I had matured a bit since the basement days so the humor was starting khổng lồ land. I loved the Enos brothers, Snowman & Fred, Junior and especially Sheriff Buford T Justice. I had always loved the slapstick element of the movie but now was enjoying the some of the subtle stuff, especially the interaction between the Sheriff and his son.

I got my first job somewhere around this time and started saving, I was going khổng lồ have a Trans Am. I had saved enough by 1989 to lớn get one but being in New Jersey finding a late 70's Trans Am in decent condition was near impossible (no internet mind you and we could only get local copies of the auto Trader) I did find a beautiful 88 Trans Am, It was fire engine red with TTops and color matching honeycomb wheels. It wasn’t the bandit (nor Knight rider for that matter) but it was mine. Those pop-up headlights, the vented hood, the wrap around spoiler...but i digress.

I still watch Smokey và the Bandit when it is on (and quote the dialogue lớn my wife’s chagrin). The plot is Simple, a bet. Get a package và bring it back in a certain amount of time. Not a lot of tour de force acting required here, but what stands out is the chemistry the characters have. You get the feeling that Bandit và Cledus have had other adventures together, that Carrie does fall for Bo, that Sheriff Justice detests his son và sees the missed opportunity of marrying him off khổng lồ Carrie. I am not even going to lớn mention the relationship between Cledus & Fred. The characters feel genuine even if Jackie Gleeson is playing it a little over the top.

When I watch the movie now I marvel at the stunts that they were doing in 1976. Watch the scenes with the Trans Am racing through towns, that oto is going at full speed, the same with the Semi. No digital trickery, no speeding up the film. Hal Needham was a vị trí cao nhất notch stuntman và directed this movie thru a stuntman’s lens. Also listen to this movie. The soundtrack is superb, Jerry Reed knocks it out of the park with “East Bound và Down” & “The Bandit”. Also listen for the car noises, there are scenes where the engine in that Trans Am is screaming as they are running it wide open, listen for the screeching tires & the crunch of metal on metal in the wrecks.

I can’t state enough how much influence this movie had on me.

BTW in 1976 you could get 2 cheeseburgers and and an iced tea for $1.50

Paulo A.:

Snowman AKA Cledus is lowkey the real beer run hero.

If they were to do a modern remake of this movie, they should totally consider making it from Cledus’s perspective. Keep Bandit for the levity, of course. Although the storyline clearly shines a light on Bandit AKA Beau as the main character, in some ways, Snowman (AKA Cledus) could’ve lowkey been the real hero of the beer run.

First, there’s Snowman being a bonafide wheelman of a fully loaded và speeding semi. If we’re taking those speeds they quoted as canon, major props have khổng lồ go Snowman’s way for getting that tractor-trailer up to lớn 90-MPH và keeping it there. The Trans-Am was made for speed, not so much the semi. Not to lớn mention, he’s the one doing the actual shifting. I’m sure the manual elitists almost fainted at the sight of an automatic shift console in the Trans-Am.

Then there are the stakes at risk. Presumably, if the police actual doled out a fine, Cledus would be the one getting the brunt of it with Bandit being charged as an accessory. Snowman is the one with a family here. Whereas Bandit is doing the run mainly for fun & because he’s bored, Cledus has actual mouths khổng lồ feed.

And that bit at the end there when Bandit was about lớn give up within a stone’s throw of the finish line. Really? If it wasn’t for Cledus’s last-minute decision khổng lồ bulldoze the police blockade, the whole shebang would’ve been for naught.

Finally, a man who fights against superior odds for his dog is truly a man among men. I’m not really sure why those bikers decided lớn pick a fight with a man & his Bassett Hound but thankfully the writers let him run over their bikes.

The Bandit had the majority of the fancy driving and was the spark behind the whole trip but I’m just saying, Cledus was a pretty awesome character too.

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