Hotel del luna tập 9 hé lộ cái kết thảm: iu đau đớn tan biến vào hư vô ngay trước mặt yeo jin goo?

When the moon rises, a suspicious business begins! khách sạn Del Luna which has been open for a thousand years for special guests in the middle of Myeong-dong. A beautiful but eccentric CEO Jang Man-wol lives in this hotel. Jang Man-wol picks Goo Chan-sung, an elite hotelier, as the new assistant manager và gives him a very special birthday present.

Bạn đang đọc: Hotel del luna tập 9 hé lộ cái kết thảm: iu đau đớn tan biến vào hư vô ngay trước mặt yeo jin goo?


Goo Chan-sung now can see the world of ghosts! Although he has been scouted at the most prestigious hotel, due lớn the ghosts that follow him even if he makes the slightest sound or even make eye-contact, he is extremely distressed. In order to kết thúc things with Jang Man-wol, Chan-sung visits Del Luna where he is given a secretive first task... The task is khổng lồ catch a tiger?!

"I want lớn know about you và this hotel." Chan-sung sees a girl that looks just like Man-wol in his dream. Chan-sung is curious about the story behind Del Luna and Jang Man-wol's past, but the hotel staffs seems khổng lồ be keeping it quiet. Meanwhile, as Goo Chan-sung finds out that he was ranked third in the assistant manager candidate, he is extremely disappointed.

"Goo Chan-sung, look after me." Man-wol declares lớn Goo Chan-sung that he should take care of her. As Man-wol opens her heart khổng lồ Chan-sung, a green leaf starts lớn grow on the Moon tree that is dry like Man-wol's heart, & this change shakes Man-wol. As the hotel staffs thinks that this is all because of the new human manager, Goo Chan-sung, they make a plan to lớn kick him out.

"I cannot agree with your marriage, Goo Chan-sung." A dead bride ghost comes visit khách sạn Del Luna. Man-wol is upset by the rich service that Chan-sung provides to the bride ghost. Meanwhile, a 'Hong nang', a bait to lớn find a human husband for the ghost bride, is dropped on the park. The man that picks up the Hong nang has to lớn be the soul marriage partner of the ghost bride.

"Is she pretty?" Man-wol was excited at the thought of going to lớn a famous restaurant with Chan-sung. However, she hears that Chan-sung went khổng lồ meet his ex-girlfriend from Sanches và her jealousy explodes. Meanwhile, a king ghost checks in at khách sạn Del Luna. Man-wol và the staff serve the king ghost as their khách sạn VVIP guest but the real identity of the king is slowly revealed.
"Goo Chan-sung, I was a bad person." The escaped Room 13 ghost started lớn harm men through 'video'. As the 'target' that the Room 13 is aiming is slowly narrowed, Chan-sung decides to become the bait lớn lure the Room 13 ghost. Meanwhile, Man-wol meets a woman with the face of her past enemy, 'Song-hwa'. The girl smiling towards Chan-sung, is Chan-sung's ex-girlfriend, Lee Mi-rah?!
"I, am going lớn be here together." Chan-sung finds out the secret of Man-wol and why she cannot leave khách sạn Del Luna. Chan-sung sees the whole story of Man-wol's sad past through his dream! Meanwhile, Man-wol cannot stop her hatred towards Mi-rah due to her relationship with her past enemy. She invites Mi-rah khổng lồ the hotel Del Luna playground for intentions.

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"I am not going lớn that place." Chan-sung, who has disappeared và been fired all in one night, searches for disappeared traces of Man-wol! As the hotel staffs and Man-wol face difficulty due to the absence of Chan-sung, Chan-sung obtains the way lớn close his ghost seeing skills! Man-wol và Chan-sung, as well as hotel Del Luna faces a new turning point.
"Goo Chan-sung, I am going to use you." Chan-sung refuses to use the medicine that would close his ghost seeing skills, & to make matters worse, as a side effect, he meets a person from the past related lớn a heart-breaking relationship.
A flower blooms, in order to fall. As Chan-sung and Man-wol express their feelings to each other, they start dating secretly. Del Luna is busy preparing the total lunar eclipse that is happening in 39 years. When the total lunar eclipse starts, normal humans can also see Del Luna as well. Chan-sung opens room khổng lồ greet the special guest that will come visit on the day of the total lunar eclipse.
"This is our end." The secret story of 'him' who has betrayed Man-wol in the most brutal manner is revealed… Meanwhile, the more Chan-sung loves Man-wol, the more he needs to lớn 'pay' for it. As Chan-sung searches the traces of the serial killer, he faces a person from his ill-faced past relationship and is in trouble!
"Even until my very last step, I will remember you." Man-wol cannot stop the flowers from falling as well as her feelings toward Chan-sung… The Del Luna staffs start to lớn prepare leaving the human world due lớn the changes of Man-wol. Choi Seo-hee, the guest manager, faces a chance of a lifetime to resolve her 'resentment' which has been growing for 200 years.
"Was Goo Chan-sung him!" Man-wol starts doubting Chan-sung's past life! Man-wol is scared that Chan-sung might be the reincarnation of 'Go Cheong-myeong'. Man-wol's doubt becomes more and more certain, & she makes a final decision towards Chan-sung. Chan-sung's fear that he has to lớn watch the moment Man-wol ceases khổng lồ exist revives.
"Thank you Goo Chan-sung, I love you." Man-wol set foot on the Yoo-do bridge. As you cross the Sam-Do river, your memory of your life slowly fades one by one. Can Man-wol recover her memory and return lớn Chan-sung! What is Chan-sung's choice that he made khổng lồ find Man-wol who isn't coming back? Meanwhile, the hidden story of Ji Hyun-joong is revealed.
Content advisoryViolence, frightening scenes, alcohol use, foul language, sexual contentSubtitlesNone availableDirectorsOh Chung-hwanProducersJong Byeong Bae, Kim Eun Yeong, Ji Su Jeon, Young Ok LeeStarringIU, Yeo Jin-goo, đến Hyun-Chul

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