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Đoàn Chim Non của LD ngôi trường Giang gồm bao gồm Daisies, Brownies và Juniorsthuộc về Girl Scouts Troop 60964.

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Đoàn Sói bé của LD ngôi trường Gianggồm tất cả TigerCub, Bob Cat, Wolf, Bear cùng Webelos nằm trong vềBoy Scouts Troop 689.

Thiếu phái nữ Hương Giang của LD trường Gianggồm có những em Cadettes, Seniors và Ambassadors thuộcvề Girl Scouts Troop 60964

Thiếu NamHùng vương của LD ngôi trường Giangthuộc về Boy Scouts Troop 689

Thanh Đoàn của LD trường Giang có là gần như em phía Đạo Sinh Venturing của Boy Scout Troop 689.

We did it! Weekend vừa qua, Liên Đoàn trường Giang vẫn hoàn vớ một trại đào tạo Outdoor Training cho trên 50 em scouts nam và thanh nữ trong phần lớn lứa tuổi. Các em sẽ học những kĩ năng HD siêu hữu ích, do các Trưởng nhiều kinh nghiệm và kiến thức và kỹ năng HD. Gần như lớp gồm bao gồm first aid, camp site, fire & tools safety, cooking, hiking, and compass.
Ngoài ra, những em được nhị buổi vui chơi dịp Halloween như dressing up, camp fire games, dancing/singing, trick-or-treating at night while watching laze show (special and surprise feature), face painting, arts and craft, volleyball. The pumpkin carving contest & costume contest were big hits. We had so many participants, it was so much fun. The 5 carved pumpkins were fantastic (check out photos), which were auctioned off for a totaled of $99 for charity.
Ấu Đoàn Suối Tiên did a special fundraising with hand-made ornaments made by the girls, and cute plants in pumpkin pots. They raised money to lớn sponsor Thanksgiving meals for two disadvantaged families through Girl Scout charity drive.
We had wonderful meals, cooked by our LDT Minh Doan and the "first lady" Tr. Lan. Everything was so very yummy! Thank you nhì Truong.
A huge THANK-YOU to the planning committee for putting the event together in a short time, the trainers Tr. Di, Tr. Chanh, Tr. Minh Ng, Tr. Dat, Tr. Lang, Tr. Minh D., all Truong and parents who helped phối up, during camp và take down camp, all kitchen helpers, all Truong who helped lead the scout units, all contest judges, all patrol leaders, all activity booth hosts, và ALL participants who made the camp really fun và special. A special thanks khổng lồ anh Thành for being our energetic và fun MC on Saturday. (but anh Thành ơi, I cannot raise 3 hands, I can only raise 3 fingers)
"Một cây có tác dụng chẳng phải non, ba cây chụm lại thành hòn núi cao", câu này thiệt là chí lý.
Xin mời tất cả ACE xem album sơ khởi (nhưng rất nặng ký lô với trên 700 tấm hình) của những Trưởng bên GS gom lạivà album chuyên nghiệp hóa của Tr. Di.

Tr. Di"s Album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/94590598


Mong rằng LD mình sẽ lấy khí nuốm này làm cho đà cho đầy đủ camp thật hào hứng, thú vị trong năm tới.
Thân ái hợp tác trái (if you ever wonder what "tabtt" means, then ask a Truong what it really means


Congratulations khổng lồ Crew 689

Congratulations to Alex and William on completion of their Eagle Scout Projects.

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Congratulations lớn Girl Scout Troop 60964

Congratulations khổng lồ Amanda, Cat Vy, Jody, RachaelTam on completion of their Bronze Award Project.


Congratulations lớn Emilie and Katherine on completion of their Silver Award Project.



Congrats to lớn LDTG Scouts Class of 2021


ADST và TNHG"s Hiking Trip


2021 Service Unit 643 Award Ceremony

Congratulations toTr. Uyen, Tr Tony with Yensa/Yenchi, Tr. Nhan, & Tr Raymondfor being recognized for the following awards: Family of the Year, Volunteer of Excellence, & Father of the Year.

See more details here:https://phukiennail.net/index.php/forum/hall-of-fame/298-2021-service-unit-643-award-ceremony


2021 SU 643 Family of the Year Award Nomination


Our GS Scout Troup #60964 is part of a community-based non-profit organization, LDTG, whose goal is to promote the understanding và appreciation of culture, identity, & scouting values in the Vietnamese community. The organization has been able to serve the community since 2007 because of some very dedicated volunteers & families with exceptional community service spirit. We would lượt thích to honor one family, the Tran, for the Family of the Year award.

Tr. Stacey Doan (mom), Tr. Tony Tran (dad), Yensa Tran (GS), and Yenchi Tran (GS), have been active scouts, volunteers, & leaders over the past 10 years. Friendly, helpful, considerate, caring, trustworthy, reliable, patient, devoted, and talented are character traits that come to our mind when we think of this family. Stacey and Tony have served as volunteers và leaders for many years. They guided girls on badge activities, journeys, bronze awards và a long các mục of community service activities. They offered their home to host many scout activities và events. They have been reliable anchors and resources for scouts & other volunteers throughout the years. Both daughters were vibrant and active Girl Scouts và were recipients of Bronze Awards (both) & Silver Award (Yensa). Below are some additional highlights:


Led/coordinated activities including outings, fieldtrips, & camping.Guided scouts in advancement and skill developmentTr. Stacey: 10+ year as Girl Scout volunteer and leaderTroop leader for Daisy lớn Junior group for 10+ yearsServed as Cookie Manager for 3 yearsTr. Tony: 10+ year as Girl Scout volunteer và leaderServed numerous roles on the LDTG governing board.Advisor for Bronze Award


Girl Scouts since Daisy/BrownieParticipated in numerous activities & actively served the community.Helped younger scouts develop skills often leading by example.Yensa:Bronze and Silver Award recipientServed in many leadership roles from Junior lớn Ambassador years.Stayed connected và active with the troop even after leaving for college.Yenchi:Bronze Award recipient

From our perspective the Tran family absolutely deserves to be recognized as the Family of the Year award, or more appropriately, as Family of the Decade.

- Nominated by Tr. Maggie, Tr. Nhan và Tr. San


We would lượt thích to nominate Truong Raymond Choi for the Father of the Year Award. Tr. Raymond has been a volunteer & leader for our troop for the last 6 years, since his daughter joined as a Daisy. While his daughter has since graduated from our Daisy-Junior troop, Tr. Raymond continued to be a co-leader for this group. A consistent và reliable go-to person for events and activities over the years, Tr. Raymond was invaluable in helping our Daisy-Junior group adjust lớn the “new normal” this past year. He helped prepare for our weekly meetings by creating presentations that help young girls track in virtual meetings. He organized the Take action project by shopping & preparing kits for girls lớn paint their kindness-rocks, as they adjusted to lớn the stay-at-home order. He collaborated with other leaders to guide Juniors on their aMuse Journey & has facilitated their Bronze Award project. Tr Raymond also helped girls & parents navigate và solve online technical difficulties for their weekly troop meetings. Tr. Raymond is a leader và important member of our organization, and we believe he deserves to lớn be recognized as a Father of the Year. - Nominated by Tr Maggie & Tr. San


About GS Scout Troup #60964. We are part of a community-based non-profit organization, LDTG, whose goal is to lớn promote the understanding và appreciation of culture, identity, & scouting values in the Vietnamese community.

We would lượt thích to nominate Truong Nhan La for the Volunteer of Excellence Award. Truong Nhan has been a leader and quintessential backbone of our organization during the past 8 years. She has served in numerous roles on our LDTG governing board, while also leading & inspiring girls from the Daisies through Ambassadors. She has initiated new programs, facilitated activities, và connected with the girls.

Covid-19 & racial injustice have been incredibly difficult for our community this past year. Many troops in our community have struggled lớn stay active as girls and their families, as well as volunteers và leaders, have had to lớn adjust. Truong Nhan found ways lớn engage và motivate our girls khổng lồ stay active. She kept her crew of Cadettes, Seniors và Ambassadors rolling weekly using online tools. Tr. Nhan reached out khổng lồ community leaders & organizations lớn inspire, raise awareness, & drive for action. Below are a few examples: Our girls learned about goal setting, staying fit, & were inspired by a public health leader, thanh lịch Trieu, DrPH, who has run marathons in all 50 states in the US & all 7 continents. The troop empathized with the Pacific links Foundation, an organization that empowers youth và women through life skills lớn prevent trafficking in VN, which inspired them to fundraise for the organization through the Steps for Charity event. The girls also assembled Covid 19 kits for less fortunate families in the local community. Tr. Nhan also facilitated and encouraged girls khổng lồ stay agile. Girls participated in online cookie sales, attended Nuclear Science Day virtually, và joined many online workshops. In addition to the above, Tr. Nhan also spent time guiding two girls through their Breathe Journey in preparation for their Silver Award. Tr. Nhan is a consummate example of a Girl Scout leader and should be recognized as a Volunteer of Excellence. - Nominated by Tr Maggie & Tr. San

SU 643"s VIRTUAL Awards Ceremony this year -to be held on Wednesday, May 19th, at 7pm.

Please RSVP for the virtual event: https://tinyurl.com/su643rsvp2021

Please alsonominatepeople for this year"s awards: https://tinyurl.com/su643nomination

The past year has been tough, without a doubt. Please consider showing your appreciation by nominating someone for one of the following awards:

Virtual Girl Scout Experience Award (new this year)Volunteer of Excellence AwardGreen Angel AwardScoutdoor AwardRookie of the YearFamily of the YearFather of the YearCommunity Partner Certificate

Award description:https://www.gsnorcal.org/en/for-volunteers/recognition-and-awards/nominate-a-volunteer.html#service-unit